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What's the 4-1-1 on the referral program?

Top list Aisle users will get 5 invites to send to their friends. Once a friend signs up and purchases any Aisle brand, the user will receive $5 🙌 As a top aisle member, you get exclusive access to invite deals, gifts, and games so you can keep getting rich from your friends 💸

Question: Once my friend signs up, when do I get paid?

Answer: You get paid once they purchase their first brand!! You can expect the bonus to come within 36 hours 😍

Question: How do I know when my referral went through?

Answer: You will know once you get a Venmo to your account! Please give at least 36 before contacting us with missing payment 😅

Question: What happens when I run out of invites?

Answer: We will text you when you’re at 0!!

Question: What if I accidentally send it to a 6th person?

Answer: You won’t be eligible for the bonus 😭😭

Question: How do I know how many invites I have left?

Answer: You will be reminded each week!

Question: Do the invites expire?

Answer: Nopers ✌️✌️

Question: Will I be venmo'd immediately?

Answer: You will receive your venmo within 3 days of the referral code being used. BE PATIENT HEHE

Cash back

Question: How do I get cash back?

Answer: VENMO

Question: Wait.... how do you get my venmo if I didn’t give it to you?

Answer: Venmo is connected to your number. If it’s currently connected to your email, just hook-up your number to your account and you are gooooood to go!

Question: What if I don’t have venmo? Can you pay via PayPal?

Answer: GET IT! 😅 Right now we are only paying out via venmo... so download that puppy and connect it to your number

Question: How old can the receipt be to get cash back?

Answer: THREE DAYS OLD ‼️3‼️

Question: How long does it take for me to get cash back?

Answer: We will process pay-outs by the end of the day. We will let you know if we are delayed for some reason - like going viral!

Question: Do we only get cash back on the brands on the VIP Cash List?

Answer: Yes! But if you don’t shop our brands, we will check out your receipts to recommend you our tried, tested, and tasted products that we think you will LOVE.


Question: What kind of receipts do you accept?

Answer: GROCERY RECEIPTS! Right now, we are ONLY accepting grocery receipts, which can be from any store.

Question: How do I send receipts?

Answer: Go grocery shopping, take a pic, and text it to your Aisle number *hits easy button*

Question: Will you accept my receipt from August 1st, 1995?

Answer: Yeah, no... receipts are only valid within 3 days of purchase.

Question: Can I submit the same receipt as my friend to try and trick you?

Answer: No. Literally, you can’t fool us.


Question: Do you have an app?

Answer: No just texts. Who uses apps anymore?

Question: WHY don’t you have an app?

Answer: We are team #noapp. We want to be where you are—in your texts, Karen.

Question: Is this a real person?

Answer: YES WE ARE REAL PEOPLE WITH REAL EMOTIONS! Sheesh, go text your ex-boyfriend mean stuff

Question: I don’t get it. How does aisle make money?

Answer: So we aren't Mark Zuckerberg - we don't get rich by tracking your every movement...*goes into settings, turns off location services 😅* Instead, we make money when you try our brand partners. They need help to move their product so we help them - 90's babies call us the (hamburger) helper.